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Transit to The Cryonics Institute

Transit Information

Delta Airlines has Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) as one of its hubs. So Northwest or a carrier associated with Northwest is the way to get a direct flight to Detroit. For those coming from Europe, there are direct flights to Detroit from London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Mass transit in "motor city" is very poor. In Detroit the automobile is king. The recommended way of visiting the CI facility by those who fly is to rent an automobile at the airport. For those living in the United States, the auto insurance that they have on their car can usually be applied to a rental car (precluding the necessity of buying all of the insurance that the rental car companies attempt to sell). Credit cards often include some car insurance when the card is used to rent a car.

The only other alternatives are to take a taxicab from the airport or try to find buses. The Detroit airport is southwest of Detroit whereas Clinton Township (where the Cryonics Institute is located) is northeast of Detroit. A taxi from the Detroit airport to the CI Facility costs about $85 ( For buses, one must take a shuttle from the airport to downtown Detroit and then find buses going to Roseville/Clinton Township.

There are several Greyhound bus lines in the Detroit area. The main station is in Detroit and there is a station in Southfield (not too far from Clinton Township).

The local bus line in the Northeast Detroit area is called SMART. The SMART website has a route list. People traveling by bus to the Clinton Township/Roseville area from Detroit generally take Bus 560 which goes to Macomb Mall at 32233 Gratiot Avenue. Macomb Mall is in Roseville and is near most of the hotels near the Cryonics Institute.