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Research Reports


Since 2009 Advanced Neural Biosciences has been doing cryonics research for a number of cryonics organizations, including the Cryonics Institute, Alcor Foundation, and the Immortalist Society. Advanced Neural Biosciences is an Oregon research company run by Aschwin and Chana de Wolf. Chana de Wolf has a Master's degree in neurobiology and Aschwin has extensive cryonics experience working for many cryonics organizations, including doing cryonics research. Currently, their focus has been on improving perfusion on ischemic patients — which means virtually all cryonics patients who have been shipped on ice from another state or country. Although the Cryonics Institute has had solutions to vitrify cryonics patients since 2008, we are always open to exploring ways these solutions can be improved upon.

There are a number of means to make research donations, including through Trusts and Funds described on The CI Donations Page.