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Local Help Rider - Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership

This Rider is attached to the Cryonic Suspension Agreement between


currently residing at _____________________________________________________________

(hereinafter referred to as the "Patient") and the CRYONICS INSTITUTE, a Michigan nonprofit corporation (hereinafter "CI").

    In consideration of a Cryopreservation Fee above the $28,000 minimum required for a Lifetime Member, the Patient requests, and CI agrees, that CI shall assume responsibility for payment of a funeral director for local services and transportation of the Patient's body to CI, within the limits of the personnel and financial resources available to CI, as determined in CI's sole good faith judgment. The responsibility for arranging for the services of the funeral director and for shipment shall remain with the Patient and his or her next of kin.

    If the Cryopreservation Fee does not exceed $28,000 by the amount needed to fully compensate CI for its expenses and efforts in connection with the matters described in paragraph 1 of this Rider, CI shall have no duty under this Rider. But the Cryonic Suspension Agreement shall remain in effect, and CI shall use its best good faith efforts, as determined in CI's sole good faith judgment as provided in the Cryonic Suspension Agreement, to effect the cryopreservation of the Patient.

PATIENT (CI MEMBER) _______________________________, dated ______________

Subscribed and sworn to before me this _____ day of ________________________________

Signature of Notary Public _____________________________________________________

Name of Notary ________________________ County and State _______________________

If two witnesses are used instead of a notary, for each witness please show signature, printed name, address, and date:

Witness 1 Signature __________________________________________Date ____________

Printed Name _______________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

Witness 2 Signature __________________________________________Date ____________

Printed Name _______________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have signed this Agreement, which is finally executed at Clinton Township, Michigan.

CRYONICS INSTITUTE: by _________________________________________________

It's Contract Officer, dated ___________________