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File of Life Emergency Packs

CI offers members cryonics-customized File of Life® info packets for emergency early notification. One pack is provided for your home and one pack is provided to keep in your vehicle or on your person.

Each kit includes a 2" x 4" magnetic refrigerator pouch, a business card sized pouch for car or wallet, two-sided emergency info sheets for each pouch and a decal for your front door.

File of Life® is a nationally recognized non-profit organization whose life-saving cards are used by community EMT, police and emergency response teams across the country. They are recognized by TRIAD, The National Sheriff”s Association, The National Council on Aging, A.A.R.P. chapters and R.S.V.P. chapters.

We plan to make these cards available in different languages for our overseas members, so please check back for German and French versions coming soon.

These cards are ideal not only for cryonics patients, but for anyone as a handy reference for medical personnel or first responders in case of an emergency. These cards list a person’s medical history, allergies, medications and more.

File of Life® sets are $5.00 for a funded member and $10 for a non-funded member to cover shipping and handling costs. To order, please contact