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Emergency Cards and Stickers

Laminated wallet cards and stickers are available upon request to Cryonics Institute Members who have full funding in place and executed contracts for cryopreservation at CI.

Card Text Reads:

WHOLE BODY DONOR to Cryonics Institute In the event of death or critical illness, please call the numbers listed below until someone answers. Cryonics Institute (CI) 586 791-5961 CI Toll-Free 866 288-2796 CI Emergency Pager 313 990-5916. Upon death or discovery of body, cool with ice, especially head. DO NOT embalm or autopsy. DO NOT FREEZE! REWARD FOR CALLING!  

Sticker Text Reads:

WHOLE BODY DONOR to Cryonics Institute. In event of death or critical illness call numbers listed. More details on wallet card. Reward! Cryonics Institute Toll Free 866-288-2796   

Options include a bright orange laminated wallet card (the size of a business card,) or a bright yellow laminated wallet card (the size of a credit card.) A white sticker (approx. 3.25" x 1.25") is also available and can be affixed to a driver's license or other card. Cryonics Institute Members who have contracts with Suspended Animation, Inc. are supplied with special-purpose credit-card sized wallet cards.

Members may also download a printable version of the card here. The file includes 4 cards on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet with cutting lines. Cards are presented in three colors and a fourth card in plain black and white for members without a color printer. Most copy shops and many office supply stores offer copying and laminating services as well.

Members who would like personalized wallet cards and stickers can make their own, using the standard information on the basic cards as a guideline. For personal cards, we suggest a two-sided card with personal information on one side and the standard CI information on the other.

Cryonics Institute Members living in jurisdictions that have statutes against autopsy based on religious belief and who have such religious beliefs can execute a "Certificate of Religious Belief and Religious Objection to Autopsy". Citation of the relevant statute could be added to personalized jewelry and/or wallet cards. For example, a Californian could have "NO AUTOPSY: CA CODE SECTION 27491.43" (see Avoiding Autopsy for Cryonics).

To request laminated wallet cards or stickers contact CI at, or by telephone at (586) 791-5961. Please include your full name and mailing address. Note, these cards are available at no charge only to CI Members with full funding in place and executed contracts.