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A comprehensive overview of the legal documents required for cryopreservation with CI.

This agreement is signed by the member before death and funding is provided before death.

The person is a CI member at the time of death, but without a signed contract and funding.  The next of kin signs the contracts and provides funding, post-mortem.

The person is not a CI member at the time of death.  The next of kin purchases a membership for the person, signs the contracts and provides funding, post-mortem.

Critical mistakes to avoid for a successful cryopreservation.

Documents created in advance for persons unable to make decisions for themselves

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Check-In App for Android Devices

Standby Instructions and Ready-Made Standby Kits

Applying Probability Theory to cryonics  (essay)

CI's state-of-the-art cryostats

Preserve DNA samples for the future

Personal Cryonics Identification tools including Jewelry, Wallet Cards and File of Life Packs

Eric Drexler's groundbreaking book on nanotechnology. Chapter 9, "A Door to the Future" discusses the potential applications for cryonics.

Personalized emergency information packets for home and auto

Instructions for hospital personnel on required procedures for a cryonics case

Lodging options for CI Facility Visitors

Full-body cryonic suspension service (CI Members only)

Links of interest regarding cryonics.

Cryonics Support Groups:

(listing does not imply endorsement by the Cryonics Institute)

Societe Cryonics De France
Suomen Kryoniikkaseura (KRYOFIN, Finnish Cryonics Society)
The Cryonics Society of Australasia
CryoSuisse - The Swiss Society for Cryonics
• Dutch Cryonics Page
• German Society for Applied Biostasis
• Russian Cryonics site
• Cryonics Association of Australia
• Cryonics Belgium
• Cryonics Europe
• Cryonics UK (UK Standby Team)
• Cryonics Society of Canada
• Italian Cryonics Association (Associazione Italiana Crionica)
• Japan Cryonics Association
• Oregon Cryonics

Cryonics Related Discussion groups:

• The Cryonics Institute Members-only forum
• Alcor Member Forums
• Kevin Brown's CryoNet Page
• New CryoNet (John de Rivaz)
• The Immortality Institute -- Cryonics
• "The Cold Filter
• Long Life: the Cryonics Institute free e-newsletter
• Facebook Young Cryonicists
• The Venturists
• A group for those Considering Cryonics.
• A health discussion group favoured by CI members.
• Sci.Cryonics News Group

Cryonics Related Web Sites:

• Open Directory Cryonics List
• Depressed Metabolism (cryonics technology blog)
• Chronopause (Mike Darwin's blog)
• The Society for Venturism
• The Cryonics Society (an educational group)
• BPI (BioPreservation) Tech Briefs
• Murray Ballard cryonics photography
• Alcor News Archive
• F. A. Albins & Sons: A European Cryonics Services Liason
• Home To Immortal
• Timeship
• Cryonics and Religion
• Newspaper, Video and Audio Media Coverage

Cryonics Related Online Books:

• Robert Ettinger's The Prospect of Immortality
• Robert Ettinger's Man Into Superman
• Engines Of Creation - early book about Nanotechnology
• The First Immortal - novel about cryonics    PDF     Word
• The Truth Machine - Prequel to The First Immortal    PDF    Word

Printed Cryonics Related Books:

• 2005 version Robert Ettinger's The Prospect of Immortality
• Robert Ettinger's Youniverse
• The Scientific Conquest of Death
• 21st Century Kids

Cryonics Related Web Articles:

• A History of Cryonics
• The Cryonics Thesis and the Immortalist Viewpoint
• Engines Of Creation: A Door To The Future
• A Physician Considers Cryonics by Dr. Steven Harris
• Wikipedia entry on Cryonics
• Life Extension (and Cryonics) Values Clarification Survey
• Cryonics Paper at 2nd International Symposium on Brain Death
• Cryonics as an Alternative to Abortion
• Medicine of the Future: ABC NEWS online feature and video segment on the Cryonics Institute
• The Life Extension Foundation
• newsgroup
• Twenty-first Century Medicine
• Medscape: Access To Medline Database
• Aeiveos Corporation: Life Extentension Information
• American College of Advancement in Medicine
• Health World Online
• American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Home Page
• Dr. Roy Walford -- of "The 120-Year Diet"
• Longevity Report
• Chapters from Thomas Donaldson's A Guide To Anti-Aging Drugs
• Geron Corporation: solving human aging
• Dr. Leon Gavrilov & Dr. Natalia Gavrilova: Longevity Research Publications

Financial Links:

• Funding a Cryonics Institute Contract
• Cryonics Insurance
• Nanotechnology- and Cryonics-Relevant Investments
• Options for Safe, Secure and Legal Asset Preservation for Post-Resuscitation Access

Futurist Links:

• World Future Society.
• Libertarian Futurist Society.
• World Transhumanist Association
• Mind Uploading Home Page
• Transcedo: the Dutch Transhumanist Society.
• Aleph: the Swedish Transhumanist Organization.
• The Society for Venturism
• Extropy Institute's Web Site
• Club of Amsterdam
• Robert Ettinger's Man Into Superman

Other Links:

• Cryonics Institute Germany
• National Academy Press (1000+ free online scientific books)


And if you'd like to stop and visit our facilities in Clinton Township, Michigan (minutes from both Detroit and Windsor, Canada), these guides could help make your trip easy and comfortable:

Michigan Tourism Site
• Official Detroit Home Page
• Guide to Windsor, Ontario
• Driving directions to 24355 Sorrentino Court; Clinton Township, MI 48035-3239

Advice on using Life Insurance to fund cryonics

The Immortalist Society's magazine.

Robert Ettinger's 1972 follow-up to "The Prospect of Immortality"

Steps to insure an optimal cryopresevation

Preserve your beloved pets

Tips on how to protect your suspension from legal challenges

Cryonics research commissioned by CI

Includes a list of key research papers

Details for transport of cryonics patients and pet subjects to the Cryonics Institute

Optional Standby Service for CI Members

The likelihood of success in reviving cryonics patients  (essay)

CI founder Robert Ettinger's landmark 1964 book that launched the cryonics movement.

Transit information for visitors to CI's Michigan Facility

Traductions de documents de CI français