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Cryonics Institute

Cryonics Institute Resource Library

Welcome to CI's Resources Reference Library. Inside, you'll find a wealth of information relating to cryonics, including books, internet links, CI documentation and much more.

Please note, all resources in the Library are organized alphabetically. Enjoy browsing our extensive library!

The Immortalist Society's magazine.

Robert Ettinger's 1972 follow-up to "The Prospect of Immortality"

Steps to insure an optimal cryopresevation

Preserve your beloved pets

Tips on how to protect your suspension from legal challenges

Cryonics research commissioned by CI

Includes a list of key research papers

Details for transport of cryonics patients and pet subjects to the Cryonics Institute

Optional Standby Service for CI Members

The likelihood of success in reviving cryonics patients  (essay)