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Cryonics Institute

Cryonics Institute Resource Library

Welcome to CI's Resources Reference Library. Inside, you'll find a wealth of information relating to cryonics, including books, internet links, CI documentation and much more.

Please note, all resources in the Library are organized alphabetically. Enjoy browsing our extensive library!

Applying Probability Theory to cryonics  (essay)

CI's state-of-the-art cryostats

Preserve DNA samples for the future

Personal Cryonics Identification tools including Jewelry, Wallet Cards and File of Life Packs

Eric Drexler's groundbreaking book on nanotechnology. Chapter 9, "A Door to the Future" discusses the potential applications for cryonics.

Personalized emergency information packets for home and auto

Instructions on cryonics patient procedures for funeral directors

Instructions on cryonics patient procedures for funeral directors

Information for Funeral Directors regarding dry ice procedures for cryonics patients

Instructions for hospital personnel on required procedures for a cryonics case

Lodging options for CI Facility Visitors

Full-body cryonic suspension service (CI Members only)