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10 Worst Mistakes in Cryonics

10 worst mistakes in Cryonics

·   Not signing up ahead of time

Becoming a member, having contracts in place, and having paperwork in order should not be a last minute decision. Waiting until the last minute or after death results in an unnecessary delay of care or worse- No suspension at all! Don’t wait. Sign up here and be prepared.


·   Not providing proof of funding

Some people believe that they can worry about funding later or if they have funding, they have put off providing proof of funding to CI. This should be done annually. This can result in a delay of care while the funding clears. This can take weeks, so send in your proof of funding to CI now and be prepared. In fact, CI now requests our members when possible to make CI a Co-Owner on their life Insurance Policy so that we can have access to your statments, information and warn you about late or missing documentation or funding. This is the safest way to operate a cryonics policy and still have control over that policy.


·   Not telling anyone your plans

Being reclusive or not telling family or friends your wishes is not recommended. You should not be afraid to tell those around you what your wishes are, especially your next of kin. Wearing a bracelet, necklace or having identification or other items in view can speak to your wishes. This is all you have when you can’t speak for yourself. Disasters have resulted in the past from not sharing. Talk with your family, close friends and your estate attorney, so you can be prepared.


·   Not planning

Many think cryonics is a turnkey service where you can just sign up and let fate take over. No matter how much you pay for cryonics, you are the only one who can make sure that you will have the best chance by planning. CI has provided a lot of information on our website and in our standby manuals. Those who plan succeed those who don’t fail. Click here for more information…



·   Not notifying CI of Emergencies

There is no way that your cryonics provider can help you if they do not know of your emergency. Your family, friends, standby group or next of kin must immediately contact CI when you are having health issues or worse. It is also important for CI to know if you have up and coming surgeries or procedures, including terminal illness. Patients with a diagnosed terminal illness could enter hospice care, which might help your cryonics situation vastly. Any delay in notifying us directly could result in a poor suspension. Those helping you must have simple and clear instructions. Here are some tips…


·   Committing suicide

Anyone who commits suicide is potentially putting themselves at great risk. CI will not risk itself for people who engage in behavior that goes against our mission to preserve life. If someone who is terminally ill proceeds lawfully under a state or locality that permits physician assisted suicide (CI will consider the circumstances of such cases.) Suicide often leads to an autopsy and long delays, rendering the suspension process substandard or impossible to carry out. Do not consider cryonics as a way out of your problems. You are likely to not get suspended under those circumstances. If you are considering suicide, you should seek mental health advice and treatment as soon as possible.


·   Engaging in Risky or illegal activities

Risky behaviors or associations that lead to the patient dying around suspicious circumstances will also likely lead to mandated autopsies that will also stand in the way of your cryonics wishes. It is best to use common sense and not put yourself in harm’s way. Not only could your life be ended, so too could your chances of cryonics suspension or future reanimation. Use common sense and stay safe.





·   Providing financial or legal incentives so that you will not be suspended.


Leaving all of your insurance or cryonics money to family if you are not suspended is certainly an option at CI, but ironically it does provide financial incentive for hostile family members to block your suspension. As often is the case, people will make sure you are not suspended to get ahold of your money. One suggestion is to leave family and next of kin some separate money from the estate while suggesting that Cryonics funding go to cryonics as a donation no matter if you are buried or suspended. In addition, family or next of kin can be further compelled to cooperate if they will actually lose the money that is allocated to them for not cooperating, notifying CI or initiating lawsuits against CI. It is also suggested that your family be made fully aware of your wishes and stipulations, so they know what the results of their actions will be. You want to make sure you put incentives and disincentives in the correct place, so that your wishes are honored. It is suggested that your will and cryonics documentation reflect this and get reviewed by an attorney. It is CI's policy that nonsuspension riders that are not signed to say otherwise direct your unused insurance funds to CI as a Donation. This disincentivizes next of kin from dishonoringyour wishes for money. 


·   Not removing a hostile next of kin from rights to your remains and finances


In many states and areas you can legally remove a hostile family member or next of kin from your estate. You can reassign someone who is sympathetic to cryonics and who has the legal authority to disposition of your remains, as well as your assets. In some states and locations there are disposition of remains reassignment documents, as well as powers of attorney, both in regards to financial as well as medical decisions. The executor of your will or anyone involved with making decisions should be sympathetic to your cryonics wishes. It is your responsibility to make your wishes very clear and to remove any doubt or potential legal resistance from family or next of kin. We suggest seeking legal advice to help you in this regard. Some members have even made a video statement of their wishes and given it to both their cryonics organization as well as their attorneys. Not being careful could mean that you don’t get suspended, despite your wishes. Many are surprised to learn that they lose their rights upon legal death. See an attorney and prepare.


·   Dying under less then favorable conditions


This seems harder to control then the other situations, but there are some things you can do to make your situation more favorable. You can diet, exercise and follow the latest official medical advice to stay healthy longer. The longer you are alive, the better the technology will probably be for suspending you and the closer we will be to a future that may be able to reverse your condition. You can avoid travel to remote or hostile places where such travel is risky. Some overseas travel can result in long delays both logistically and bureaucratically. In general, dying near your cryonics provider or cryonics standby group helps your chances. Living a healthy lifestyle and staying sociable, while surrounding yourself with people who will act on your behalf is paramount. Building solid, positive relationships with good people is probably one of the most important things you can do to have your wishes honored. Take care of yourself and maintain social connectivity.