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The CI Check-In App is now available

by System Administrator / Tuesday, 24 November 2015 /


We're excited to announce that the Cryonics Institute's Check-In App for Android devices is now available on Google Play.

The Check-In App is designed to call for help when you can't, making it an ideal addition to your standby notification tools. The app is a simple alarm system that checks in on you at pre-selected times throughout the day. If you don't respond to one of the scheduled alarms, after a short interval, the app will automatically send out an emergency text message to up to 5 pre-selected contacts.

This simple to set up and use app can also be used by non-cryonicists to check in on an elderly loved one who may live alone, or for yourself in situations when you aren't around other people, like a long trip, camping or other solo activities.

The app costs 99¢, with all proceeds to be used for future upgrades, depending on how popular it is with our members. We encourage you to try the app for yourself, and if you like it, please recommend it to other cryonicists, or for friends and family members who live alone, or spend significant time alone.

As always, we appreciate and value your comments and suggestions - to comment on the app, or to report a bug, please email us at


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