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Message of caution about potential cryonics fraud or reckless providers

by System Administrator / Friday, 12 June 2020 /

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Although the Cryonics Institute maintains a friendly and cooperative attitude toward other organizations and groups in the wider cryonics community, interactions with a particular group or mention in our magazine or website do not constitute a partnership, endorsement or other formal relationship unless specifically stated as such. An example of an organization we officially partner with would be Suspended Animation Inc., which we have negotiated with to provide special Standby offers for our members. 


It is worth noting there are only a handful of these formal partnerships, so please be aware that if you see the Cryonics Institute name or logo being used somewhere in a way that suggests partnership or endorsement it is most likely not approved usage and will need to be removed.




We do not partner with nor endorse any local standby or local cryonics organization. The “Cryonics Groups” listed in our magazine are provided only as information for our members who are encouraged to research and judge those groups and their capabilities for themselves. Since these groups operate independently, we can advise them on best practices or provide other assistance, but cannot certify or oversee their operations, practices and procedures and therefore cannot accept the liabilities that would come with an official endorsement or partnership.




Use of the Cryonics institute logo or other branded materials is only approved for media stories about the Cryonics Institute or for links or references to the Cryonics Institute, usually as part of a list of cryonics service providers. Groups, organizations and individuals, including CI Members, are not allowed to incorporate or otherwise use the Cryonics Institute name or logo as part of their own name, branding or website in a way that suggests a formal partnership, endorsement or other affiliation, apart from the aforementioned personal membership in the organization if one is a member.




Photographs are a special case, and in some instances CI will allow our photographs to be used for cryonics-related web sites or other materials as illustrations as long as they are clearly labelled “Provided Courtesy of the Cryonics Institute” and the content it appears in is approved by us. Please contact us for review and permission before using CI materials on an individual, group or organization website, blog or in other online or print media.




If, as a member, you do see the Cryonics Institute logo or name being used online or in print as part of another group’s name or otherwise suggesting the group is affiliated with CI (particularly on social media accounts, discussion groups and websites) please contact us so we can investigate and have it removed if needed. As stated earlier, CI has only a handful of official partnerships so anything you see online suggesting a formal partnership or endorsement is most likely a misrepresentation.


Also, as a member, please do not identify yourself with the Cryonics Institute on social media or through other media as anything more than a member of the organization. Do not position yourself as representing the views of CI or its membership as a whole, but rather that any statements you make are your own personal opinions and not being presented on behalf of or with the endorsement of CI.


We do appreciate people promoting and discussing the Cryonics Institute in various ways, but we also need to be careful not to create confusion or misrepresentation of our organization and its goals, policies and positions by individuals outside the Cryonics Institute’s Leadership Team. Cryonics as a whole remains under intense public scrutiny which makes it vital to insure our official messaging is clear, consistent and on point.

Ultimately, CI can’t say whether other groups are utilizing proper procedures or have adequate finances, management or trained personnel.


There are some groups using the term “Cryonics” who we know nothing about. Some have tried to suggest that they are affiliated with CI when we have no relationship of any kind with them.


If you are interested in Cryonics then you need to do your own due diligence in investigating any Cryonics organization with whom you are considering dealing. 





Thank You!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding regarding allowed usage of the Cryonics Institute name, logo and brand. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 




Dennis Kowalski

President - Cryonics Institute


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