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News from July 2019

It is election time again.

Saturday, 13 July 2019 by System Administrator


It is election time again.

Hello All

It’s that time of the year again. The cryonics Institute is a very unique cryonics organization in that our directors are elected directly out of our membership by our membership. The sitting directors in turn elect the officers as so forth. All directors and officers are members just like you who are themselves signed up for cryonic suspension. We all have a direct vested interest in the success of our mission.  This serves to draw us together like a family with the same goal of being revived some day in the future.

It is important to learn about candidates and to vote if want to ensure for CI’s future. Do your due diligence and ask around and learn about the candidates. CI’s stability depends on good quality directors passing the torch on as we move into the future.

If you as an eligible member seek to run for office then it is time to get your paperwork in and get yourself on the ballot. All of CI’s rules, bylaws, and so forth are published on this official website. Eligible candidates should seek out information and ask questions and learn so that they can best represent the membership.  It is not an easy job sometimes and it is a voluntary position but if you are passionate about CI and its security then I urge you to get involved. It is the responsibility of all incumbent directors and challengers to get their ballots in on time, learn and understand CI bylaws, and inquire about deadlines and qualifications for the directorship positions. Good luck and best wishes to all.


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07-27 Cryonics Symposium - Special Room Rates Expire July 12

Monday, 8 July 2019 by System Administrator

The Church of Perpetual Life has secured a special discount on lodging for their upcoming July 27 Cryonics Symposium.

The Cryonics Symposium International
is coming up, You will not want to
miss the DEADLINE of JULY 12!

The Last Chance to reserve a room at the Holiday Inn
at the SPECIAL rate of $99
is this Friday, July 12th.

The rate will be much higher after this date.  To reserve your room, use this link below, if only staying ONE night.  If you wish to stay for more than one night, you must call or email Sharmain, before July 12 to get the special rate, and let her know you are with the Church of Perpetual Life!

Link to reserve for ONE NIGHT:®ionCode=1&hotelCode=FLLAS&checkInDate=26&checkInMonthYear=062019&checkOutDate=27&checkOutMonthYear=062019&_PMID=99801505&GPC=PLG&cn=no&viewfullsite=true

There is NO link for multiple nights.
To book your room for MORE than one night at the discounted rate of $99 per night, email Sharmain at

or give Sharmain a call direct at

Be sure to let her know that you are with The Church of Perpetual Life
to get the special rate!

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