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2018 Teens and Twenties

by System Administrator / Friday, 24 November 2017 /


Options for Safe, Secure and Legal Asset Preservation for Post-Resuscitation Access

The Ninth Annual Young Cryonicists Gathering

Teens & Twenties 9 - 2018:

Getting to Know You - You Getting to Know Each Other

Fri-Sun: May-4-6 • Hollywod, FL • Host: Life Extension Foundation


Greetings to ALL Young Cryonicists,

You are receiving this invitation because you are the future of cryonics,

All attention will be focused on:

our getting to know you and

you getting to know each other.

PLUS: an update on the latest emergency

response technologies and revival strategies.

Who is Eligible?

Fully-Signed Up young cryonicists from all cryonics organizations in their late teens through age thirty (18-30) as of May 8, 2018 - may apply to attend.

Younger Cryonicists With Parent(s):

Thirteen through seventeen year olds may attened when accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Parents.guardians of attendeeds aged 18-19 are also encouraged to accompany their child. All attending parents will be put in touch with each other should tjeu choose to have their own “get together” during the “young cryonicists” gathering.


Some indviduals are social butterflies. This is not for everyone. And we want everyone to meet everyone.

Therefore, I have designed a diverse range of “getting to know you” activities.

IF you would enjoy participating in these various getting acquainted activites, THEN this is for you!

Enjoy this exciting and fulfilling weekend!


Life Extension Foundation, through a generous education grant, is offering 40 scholarships that pay for ALL of the following:

• US Airfare to/from Fort Lauderdale, FL (up to $1,000 for origin outside the U.S.)

• HOTEL accommodations for Friday & Saturday nights - plus Thursday & Sunday nights (specifically) for scholarship attendees who room together.

• MEALS and beverages on Friday night, all day Saturday & Sunday breakfast & lunch.

• REGISTRATION fee - $350 - also covered

Please click HERE
for a full packet
with all details
and application forms.


Cairn Erfreuliche Idun

Founder/Director: T2

PS: Come Early. Stay Late.

* Some attendees to T2 enjoy spending extra time in Florida - especially since their flight is already paid for via their scholarship.

This is at their own expense for additional lodging and food

I look forward to getting to know you!


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