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CI Membership Worldwide


Cryonics Institute Services are Available for People Living Outside the United States


Though based in the United States, the Cryonics Institute (CI) welcomes those living outside the United States as Members. We offer human cryopreservation, pet cryopreservation and tissue/DNA cryopreservation to CI Members around the world. Persons outside the United States become CI Members in the same way as do people in the United States do: by sending in a completed application form and paying the Membership fees. CI Members outside the United States receive cryopreservation services the same way CI Members inside the United States do: by signing contracts, by arranging payment for the contracts and by the services of a funeral director who is local for the Member.



Non-American members have served as advisors and on our Board of Directors. Stephan Beauregard of Canada and Marta Sandberg of Australia, are both on the CI Board of Directors.


In fact, well over one quarter of our current membership resides outside the US. There are CI members in Britain, Turkey, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Romania, the Netherlands, Malta, New Zealand and Australia, among other countries. (See Cryonics Institute Statistics Details for more information.)

Although the Cryonics Institute provides contact information for a variety of cryonics organizations outside of the United States, CI has no official affiliation with any of those organizations. Provision of links and contact information does not constitute endorsement. The Cryonics Institute works directly with funeral directors worldwide, and does not employ agents or official representatives outside the United States.

Can Members Outside the United States fund through insurance?

The Cryonics Institute accepts funding for human cryopreservation by insurance policies that are written in languages other than English. When a CI Member is funding his or her Cryonic Suspension Agreement through life insurance, and the insurance policy is written in a language other than English, the Cryonics Institute requires that the entire insurance policy be translated into English so that we can read the policy. We require a photocopy of the insurance policy in the original language that it is written, along with a photocopy of the policy after it has been translated into English.

CI knows of a translation service that we have used to translate insurance policies into English and we will be happy to obtain a quote from them on the cost of translating insurance policies into Engish. If you would like the Cryonics Institute to obtain a quote for this service, you can scan or FAX a copy of the policy to the Cryonics Institute and we can get a quote on the cost of the translation. There is no obligation to use the translation service it you are not happy with their fees or terms. If you prefer to have a translation service that you know of do the translation, you are welcome to use them. The only requirement is that the translation must be certified to be accurate by the translation service you are using.

In the United Kingdom there is a law that prevents a non-profit corporation, such as the Cryonics Institute, from being listed as a direct beneficiary on a British person's life insurance policy. In such cases, the life insurance policy must be placed in an Absolute Trust and the Cryonics Institute must be listed as the primary beneficy of the trust and the Cryonics Institute must also be listed as the only potential beneficiary of the trust. This obligates the trustees, by law, to pay the death benefits to the Cryonics Institute upon the members death and the trustees are not allowed to pay the death benefits to anyone else.

There is a firm called 415 Financial Planners that has written several insurance policies for CI Members living in England and is familiar with the requirements for cryonics insurance in the UK:

Graham Holliday, 415 Financial Planners
Postal Address: 415 FML, 11 Mill Street, Wantage, OX12 9AB, England
Freepost Address: 415 FML, FREEPOST, Wantage, OX12 9BR
Telephone: +44 (0) 845 1 300 415
Fax: +44 (0) 1235 763337
Email: or

Can Members Outside the United States Receive Adequate Cryonics Care?

Europeans, Asians and others thinking of joining may wonder whether the long distance from the United States is a critical factor in considering joining. Can CI provide cryopreservation services in time at such a distance?

Again, the answer is yes. Because CI supplies cryonics care to people overseas i n the same way that it does to Americans. In order to quickly reach members, CI locates and instructs the local funeral director nearest to the member (American and non-American) in methods that minimize damage. It is a funeral director in the cryonics patient's own country who will pack the patient in ice and ship to the CI facility in Michigan.

The Cryonics UK (CUK) to provide volunteer standby and stabilization for terminal cryonics patients. CUK has been provided with the Cryonics Institute Vitrification Solutions and they are prepared to see that these are administered properly.

In addition, CI has instructed F.A. Albin & Sons to perform cryonics procedures in the European area. Albin & Sons, which has been in business for over 217 years, can use light private aircraft to reach members at any point in the European continent (and indeed adjoining areas in East Europe, Russia, and the Middle East) and provide cryonics services.

After performing the procedure, Albin & Sons can cool the patient down and transport the patient by plane or ship to CI's storage facility in the United States. Members may choose the services either of Albin & Sons or a nearer individual, or be helped by the coordinated efforts of both.

Albin & Sons can be reached by contacting Barry Albin at:

F. A. Albin & Co
Arthur Stanley House, Culling Road
London SE16 2TN, UK
PHONE: 071-237-3637,
071-237-2600 or
FAX: 071-252-3205

Rowland Brothers International has also had experience with cryonics patients, and they are not very expensive.


Would a European member nonetheless be better off closer to CI facilities? The answer is: probably yes. Every CI Member in a terminal condition not living in Michigan — whether American or non-American — should attempt to relocate to Michigan if at all possible.

A terminal overseas resident may call a local funeral director willing to be placed on alert and upon expiring may be immediately treated and cooled. Such a person will be in considerably better condition than an American who dies alone and is not found for two days, or dies under circumstances in which government officials require that an autopsy be performed.

Circumstances very often dictate the final condition of the patient. But while those circumstances cannot be controlled, they can be fortunate as well as unfortunate, and European members can sometimes receive as good or better cryopreservation from outside America than they might have received inside it.

Could Members Outside America Receive Superior Cryonics Care?


There are developments in Europe that might very well herald superior cryopreservation for cryonics members there.

While CI is on the side of preserving life, not taking it, it is a fact that in the Netherlands, for instance, has recently passed a euthanasia law allowing people to terminate their lives on request.

Our understanding is that this option is only available to Dutch citizens with terminal illnesses who can convince two medical doctors that their pain is unbearable; nonetheless, for Dutch members this new development may clearly provide an opportunity for better cryopreservation, and similar or further developments may in time do the same for other European members.

Assisted suicide is also available in Switzerland, and the country is more amenable than the Netherlands to allowing the use of such service by those who are not Swiss citizens. (See Experts call for clear euthanasia rules.)

A member with Alzheimer's Disease, for instance, might no longer have to face many years of expensive, painful, and debilitating illness that causes extensive destructive of the brain prior to death. He or she could be cryopreserved at a time when his brain and faculties and finances are still in optimum condition.

There are a number of informative web pages on cryonics and cryonics in Europe and elsewhere by European and other activists and web authors. To briefly review the major ones:


Geographically an Asian nation, Australia is currently represented by the Cryonics Association of Australia web page.



Go to the Cryonics Society Of Canada (CSC) website to find an active national group, that has their own national e-mail list. Request to join the CSC Yahoo Group. Also visit The First Cryonics Case in Toronto, Canada to read about the involvement of a Canadian local group in the cryopreservation of a patient.

(French Canada) Magnus Poirier Funeral Homes (7 Branches in Quebec)
7388, Viau Blvd., Montreal, (Quebec) H1S 2N9 CANADA
Contact: Patrice Chavegros (Vice-President) : (514) 918-0654 to take an arrangement. (Price between 3,000 & 5000$CDN)
Perfusion of the CI-VM-1 & transport to the Cryonics Institute by plane from Montreal International Airport to Detroit International Airport.
Office Phone: (514) 727-2847
Fax: (514) 727-2848


European Countries:

Enter the Cryonics Europe website to find links to the cryonics websites for BELIGIUM, DENMARK, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, NORWAY, RUSSIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN and the UNITED KINGDOM. KrioRus (a cryonics organization that is not part of the Cryonics Institute) offers independent perfusion and storage services in Russia.



 Funeral Homes Le Choix Funeraire (700 Branches in FRANCE & Overseas departments & territories)
(Head Office) ZA de Beauséjour
22490 Pleslin Trigavou
Contact : Patricia Grieu
Phone : 02 96 27 17 71  Call for arrangements & help of Cryonics Institute members for the procedure & shipping of patients to the USA.   *Cryonics is prohibited in France*,  but an anatomical gift for science & shipping outside the country is allowed. The actual storage and preservation of human bodies in FRANCE has not been authorized since 2006.
Fax : 02 96 27 17 70

United Kingdom:

In England, of course, the principal pages are John de Rivaz' Cryonics And Other Links, the European Cryonics Group, and F.A.Albin & Sons


Europe and the World:

There is a European Cryonics Yahoo Group mailing list but it has rather low volume. For the most current contact information for worldwide cryonics groups, see the most current issue of the Cryonics Institute Newsletter (available for free on our homepage.)


Joining the Cryonics Institute

If you've read all the information and want to become a CI member residing in, say, Europe or Asia or South America — what next? How does the membership process work?

The same as it does for Americans. See the information box below.

LIFETIME $1,250 once none $28,000
YEARLY $120 per year $75 once $35,000
Membership gives the privilege of making arrangements for human cryopreservation, pet cryopreservation or tissue/DNA cryopreservation
Click Membership page to join the Cryonics Institute