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If the individual has been declared legally deceased but IS NOT A MEMBER of the Cryonics Institute:

If the person you are contacting us about HAS ALREADY DIED and IS NOT a Cryonics Institute (CI) Member, you must understand the following restrictions:

  1. If the deceased person in question has already been buried, CI cannot accept that person as a patient.
  2. If the brain of the deceased person has been autopsied, CI cannot accept that person as a patient.
  3. If you or the individuals wishing to cryopreserve the deceased person do not have FULL LEGAL AUTHORITY over the body of the deceased, CI cannot accept that person as a patient.
  4. If the person wishing to cryopreserve the deceased cannot pay CI's Membership fees and the $35,000 cryopreservation fee and IN FULL before sending the patient to CI, CI cannot accept that person as a patient.
  5. The Cryonics Institute cannot accept shipment of a cryonics patient until full payment has been received. Even courier or wire transfer can take a full day on a business day.
  6. The Cryonics Institute will not accept a post-mortem cryopreservation case from a non-Member until CI receives a death certificate and until the prospective patient has spent at least two weeks on dry ice from the time CI is contacted.

If the Patient is already dead at the time of first contact with CI, it will be impossible to do the best kind of cryopreservation, reducing the chances of an optimal suspension and increasing the chances of possible negative consequences for eventual revival. The family will need to have time to make an informed decision. We therefore suggest the family immediately arranges to have the patient's body packed in water ice (0ºC) as quickly as possible (especially the head) by hospital or funeral personnel. It will not be possible to perfuse a post-mortem cryonics patient with anti-freeze or vitrification solutions.

As soon as possible, wrap the head of the patient in a towel and pack the patient in dry ice (−79ºC). With the cooperation of a funeral director, a patient can be stored on dry ice for many months (if necessary) with little further deterioration of the body. CI requires at least TWO WEEKS of dry ice storage with a funeral director to provide time for the family members to come to an agreement, make their decision under less emotionally stressful conditions and arrange for financing if the decision is made to proceed with suspension. It is important that a decision not be made under emotional stress that family members will regret later. PLEASE NOTE: Once contracts are signed and payment is made, the Cryonics Institute cannot return payment or the remains of the patient. Please see our web site at Funeral Directors' Dry Ice Guidelines.

The Cryonics Institute may under some circumstances require a notarized statement from all children of a deceased parent agreeing to the cryopreservation, and certifying that there are no other children who have not agreed. Similar language may be required from other potential next of kin. Please see our website at Authorization by Children for Cryonic Preservation of a Parent.

If cryopreservation of the patient is not physically possible or financially feasible, a family may opt for CI's Preservation of Genetic Material (DNA) service. Preserving a patient's DNA opens up the eventual possibility of cloning if and when technology and law permits. For details, please see DNA/Tissue Freezing.

The Cryonics Institute requires that the person being cryopreserved be a Lifetime Member of the Cryonics Institute. Lifetime Membership is $1,250 for the first family member and $625 for each additional adult family member (no charge for children under age 18).

The Cryonics Institute Lifetime Membership application is on the CI website (available at Lifetime Membership) and it is possible to FAX the application to 1 (586) 792-7062 and pay the membership fee(s) by phoning in your credit card number.

The telephone number of the Cryonics Institute is 1 (586) 791-5961. It is advisable that you discuss your plans with a CI Staff Member at the earliest possible time. We can also be reached by e-mail at:

Calling from Outside North America: + 1 586 791 5961 where +
represents the exit code for your country,