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Marta Sandberg

Marta Sandberg was born in Sweden in 1955, in a town that straddled the Polar Circle. She immigrated to Australia as a teenager and went from the freezing north to a hot dessert mining town.

It was there she met her husband Helmer. They shared twenty-three years together until he died of a pituitary brain tumour. Although Marta had been interested in cryonics since she read an article about the Dora Kent case, it was Helmer's illness that rekindled her interest. After spending several years investigating cryonics — and then more years trying to convince her husband — they both signed their contract with CI. Marta also has a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. Business Accounting

Helmer is currently suspended at CI and one day she plans to join him. This gives her a very personal interest in securing the future of cryonics and safeguarding her and her husband's next life. She likes CI's "slow and steady" approach and believes in being ultra-cautious when dealing with human lives over an indefinite time span.

She is actively promotes cryonics whenever she has a chance and have frequently appeared on TV, newspapers and magazines in Australia and Sweden. Her and Helmer's story has been touted as the The Love Story of the Century and Australia is the only county where most of the magazine articles on cryonics have been published in women's magazines.

Part of her deep involvement in the Australian cryonic community has led to Marta becoming a director of Stasis Systems Australia (SSA), a nascent Australian cryonics organisation.

Marta has a wide-ranging fascination with science and studied mathematics for her first degree. Her second degree is more prosaic; a Bachelor in Business (Accountancy).

This has led to work all over the western half of Australia, including a variety of jobs in two mining towns, as a managerial accountant working for indigenous Aborigines in Fitzroy Crossing, and as Senior Finance Officer for the wheat-belt town of Brookton. She also went back to Sweden for a year after her husband's death where she compiled a Disability Access Guide for the county government. Currently she lives on her farm in Bridgetown. She is working from home as an accountant whilst trying to restore her farm to working condition after a catastrophic fire.

Her hobbies include volunteering for the local bush fire brigade and SES (State Emergency Services), running a bookgroup and being part of an international service organisation called Zonta. She fits in walking, swimming and scuba diving when she has a chance and stubbornly but unsuccessfully tries to cultivate snottygobbles (Google it).

Marta can be contacted at

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