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Steve Luyckx

Steve Luyckx was born in Detroit, Michigan, the fifth of six children. He graduated from Michigan State in 1986 with a BA in Logistics and a Masters degree in Finance a few years later. His professional career includes Kraft Foods, Chrysler/DaimlerChrysler Financial and in 2009 became the President of a joint venture between ADP and Reynolds.
He first became interested in Cryonics when a neighbor friend who was an important influence in his life introduced the topic. He has been one of the longest serving board members dating back almost 20 years and has attended every annual meeting since 1988.
Steve also maintains his license as a registered representative and continues to dabble in financial planning. This continues to be his hobby though he has often considered turning full time professional, and has been generous with his insights and experience as a member of CI's investment committee and "inside auditor" of CI's financial/accounting practices.
He continues to reside in Michigan with his wife and three children. Over the last 15 years he has become an avid runner and completed 17 marathons including 3 in Boston.

Steve can be reached by email at steve

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