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Pat Heller

Pat Heller is a Certified Public Accountant, though for the most part he deals in Rare Coins and Precious Metals. He is the owner and chief executive officer of Liberty Coin Service, of Lansing, Michigan. He became Treasurer of CI in 1980, and has also served as Vice President of CI. He took office as Vice President in late 1995, following Andrea Foote, and stepped down in 2001, though he continues as Director and Treasurer.

Twice each year Pat spends an entire day at the Cryonics Institute drawing-up financial statements and assisting with the preparation of tax statements and other CI reporting requirements. Pat's knowledge of accounting, taxes, and his extensive business experience have made him an extremely valuable asset as Director and Treasurer of CI. Pat's volunteer activities are exemplary of how CI is able to keep it's prices low.

Apart from his financial, business, and managerial activities, Pat also has a literary gift and has written and published both fiction and poetry.

Pat is happily married to his wife, Pam. They have two adopted children. The Hellers live in Lansing, Michigan. To learn more about CI's Treasurer, see Meet Pat Heller.

Pat can be contacted at