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Debbie Fleming

Debbie Fleming is 46 and currently lives in Palm Bay Florida with her two hairy children; Morgan (dog) and Peaches (cat). She started working at a local semiconductor company 20 years ago in an entry level position and has worked her way to her current position as an Engineering Tech. Her most recent accomplishment was obtaining her bachelor's degree in Organizational Management. Her father, John Bull, was involved in Cryonics since the very first days back in the 60s and was the long-time editor of Long Life magazine. Debbie also writes "Die Healthy"; a column that is published in Long Life. She very much enjoys researching the topics for the column and receiving feedback from Long Life readers. Growing up, Cryonics was a household word as were names like Curtis Henderson, Saul Kent and Robert Ettinger. She began her interest in Cryonics at an early age, but only signed her contract with CI a few years ago. You will often see her at the CI September meetings (unless there is a hurricane looming around Florida) since she has been attending those meetings for about 15 years. It was during one of those initial meetings when she suggested that CI have a web presence and even helped design and publish the first webpage. She began attending the meetings to support her father and to make sure she got to know everyone involved since it's very important to her that her father received the best possible freezing and care. This is her driving force for wanting to be on the Board of Directors. She wants CI to survive...and she wants to see her dad again in the future!

As a CI Director she brings her leadership experience, family values, dedication and a fresh perspective.

Debbie can be contacted at