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Constance M. Ettinger

Constance M. Ettinger, J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence), is a native of Michigan, and a resident of that state. She currently resides in Franklin, Michigan with her husband, David Ettinger, who is himself an attorney with a large Detroit law firm and the son of Robert Ettinger.

Connie and David met at the University of Michigan as law students, and Connie is a long-time legal professional as well, having received both her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Michigan. She has been a licensed attorney for 19 years, previously specializing in personnel and employment law.

An especially active member of the Cryonics Institute for several years, Connie assisted physically in a suspension in 1987, has often hosted meetings, and is currently serving as Contract Officer. (When members join or suspensions are performed, the Contract Officer signs on behalf of CI, verifies that the forms are properly executed, and also helps out members with individual problems or special circumstances.)

Connie is now acting Vice President of the Franklin Community Association. Her main hobby (and delight) is comedy, and she occasionally performs stand-up routines in various clubs throughout the Detroit area.

She says of herself, "Raised in the wilds of northern Michigan, Connie is adept at hunting and killing her own food. Such skills made it natural for her to become a disreputable attorney. Her favorite activities include thinking up new uses for the word 'irregardless'" .

She can be contacted at