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Paul Hagen

Paul Hagen is a native of Michigan who has been living in Waupaca, Wisconsin for the past twenty years. He graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelors in Finance in 1986. For several years he worked in the banking industry doing customer service and lending. His most recent position in banking was as a Personal Banker at a regional Wisconsin institution, Associated Bank. Currently Paul works for the State of Wisconsin as a Financial Specialist assisting Veterans with financial counseling, Medicaid claims, and funeral trusts. Paul is a licensed life insurance agent in Wisconsin. This gives him a wide range of knowledge of multiple financial instruments. However, he no longer sells any products. Paul continues to be a avid private investor extensively studying the craft of protecting and growing assets.

In 1996 Paul was elected to his local city council. He is Chairmen of Waupaca's Board of Public Works also having served on the Finance, Judiciary, and Personnel committees. In 2008 he was elected to two terms as a supervisor on his County Board.

Paul Grew up in Menominee Michigan. He spent countless hours working and contributing to his father's business Cory Laboratories. Even though he has little formal scientific training, Paul learned much from this experience. Paul's Dad Jerry Hagen was a Professional Chemical Engineer and is Patient #81.

With his Dad at CI Paul has a very strong vested interest in the long term stability, growth, and safety of the Cryonics Institute.

Paul has served in numerous civic and community organizations including the Red Cross, Lions, Jaycees, Loyal Order of Moose, and the Knights of Columbus. He was appointed to serve on a regional tourism marketing board in 2008.

Paul has been married for twenty years and has two wonderful children.

"I have a strong desire see CI prosper. I envision a vibrant and relevant organization bringing together many types of people toward the possibility of a successful future." .