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Andy Zawacki

CI Director Andy Zawacki is also the Chief Operations Officer and secretary of the Cryonics Institute. Some of his responsibilities at CI are processing membership sign-ups, preparing documents for members, membership database entries, facility & patient maintenance, preparing cryostats for service and patient suspensions.

Andy Zawacki has been working for the Cryonics Institute since 1985. The largest cryostat was built by Andy with the help of his brother-in-law. It incorporates features much superior to our original models, and holds fourteen whole-body patients.

When speaking of his commitment to CI, Andy says "I am both a funded suspension member and an employee of CI which gives me incentive to want to help CI to prosper from both a personal and professional point. I have already served one term on the CI board and I am deeply involved with the day to day operations and member relations at CI. My daily involvement and contact with our membership puts me in a unique position to spot things that others may not, which I believe adds value to CI's board of directors."

Andy can be contacted at