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The Cryonics Institute’s 113th Patient

by System Administrator / Monday, 24 March 2014 /

Cryonics Institute Case Report for Patient Number 113

CI patient #113 was a 53 year old Chinese female who died in a Hong Kong hospital due to multiple organ failure.  The patient was not a CI member at the time of her death and the protocol for “Deceased Non-Members” was followed.  This entailed the next of kin having to contract with a funeral director in Hong Kong to hold the patient in dry ice for the minimum two week waiting period.  The patient was frozen without the use of any cryoprotectant solution.  This process is sometimes referred to as a “straight freeze”.

During the mandatory two week waiting period, the next of kin wired the lifetime membership fee and full Cryonic Storage Fee to CI.  The next of kin also signed the Cryonic Storage by Next of Kin Agreement and sent it to CI.  The next of kin and funeral director in Hong Kong obtained the required documents and authorization to have the patient transported to CI.  After the two week waiting period in dry ice was up and CI had the full funding and signed contract, CI authorized shipment of the patient to CI.

The patient arrived at the CI facility, packed in dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), on November 9th, 2012 and the patient’s next of kin accompanied the patient.  The patient was cooled down to liquid nitrogen temperature in the computer controlled cooling chamber over a 24 hour period and was then placed in a cryostat for long-term cryonic storage.

Comments:  Had the patient joined CI and funded a contract with CI in advance of her death, she would have been accepted immediately upon her death.  It may have also been possible to arrange for a local perfusion, thus avoiding a straight freeze.  This would have resulted in a much better suspension.