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The Cryonics Institutes 203rd Patient

Friday, 5 February 2021 by System Administrator

CI patient #203 was a 69 year old male from Massachusetts. The patient was a CI member and hospitalized for cancer treatments at the time of his death. 

The patient died on February 3rd, 2020 at about 5pm.  The patient was covered in ice and taken to the hospital morgue.  A local funeral director retrieved the patient from the morgue, returned to his funeral home, packed the patient in ice and worked on obtaining a transit permit and flight to Michigan.  The patient arrived at the CI facility on Feruary 4th at 5:25pm, about 24 and 30 minutes after death.  Upon the patient’s arrival at the CI facility, he was transferred to the operating table in the perfusion room. The nasal temperature upon his arrival was 3.4c.

The Cryonics Institutes 202nd Patient

Thursday, 21 January 2021 by System Administrator

Cryonics Institute Case Report for Patient Number 202


CI patient #202 was an 85 year old male from Canada. The patient was a CI member at the time of his death, but he did not have a contract or funding in place with CI.  The patient died on January 14th around 1pm.  The patient was put in dry ice.  The patient arrived at the CI facility at 8pm on January 15th.


The patient was then transferred to the computer controlled cooling chamber to cool to liquid nitrogen temperature.  The human vitrification program was selected and the time needed to cool the patient to liquid nitrogen temperature was five and a half days.  The reason the vitrification program was selected was because another patient that was perfused was going to be simultaneously cooled with this patient.  The patient was then placed in a cryostat for long-term cryonic storage.

The Cryonics Institutes 201st Patient

Thursday, 21 January 2021 by System Administrator

Cryonics Institute Case Report for Patient Number 201

CI patient #201 was a 90 year old male from New York, who died in Germany. The patient was a CI member at the time of his death.  The patient died in Germany on January 8th and the Cryonics Germany group perfused him and cooled him in dry ice.  He was held in dry ice until the transit permit and a flight could be arranged.

Following is the case report provided by Cryonics Germany.

  • On Friday, Jan. 8th 2021 Prof. Peter Gouras, born 15.04 1930, passed away at 5.18 p.m.
  •     Klaus Sames had been in contact with Dr. Eckhart Gouras, son of the deceased, to plan the cryonics suspension and Benni Hampel, whom he had informed, also gave advise in cooperation with Dr. Emil Kendziorra concerning the stabilization.
  •     No coagulant was given since the patient had suffered from a severe impairment of blood coagulation. Klaus had provided a doctor’s guidance for cryonics suspension, but no medicals were given post mortem.
  •     The medical inquest normally lasting more than 2 hrs. needed 1hr and 45 min. It could be held short on entreaty of E. Gouras.
  •     During that time the room was cooled as well as possible with open windows.
  •     The transport to the funeral home in Bühl lasted 10min.