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CI Election Results 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016 by System Administrator





CI Election Results 2016

Debbie Fleming (Incumbent) elected 105 votes

Marta Sandberg (Incumbent) elected 104 votes

Kevin Doyle (New) elected 103 votes

Alan Mole (Incumbent) elected 63 votes

Incumbent John Strickland was not elected 55 votes

Challenger Phillipe Vitu was not elected 56 votes


Congratulations to those who have been selected to lead CI and represent our membership. It is an important responsibility and I commend those who have taken the time to volunteer their time and efforts to make CI and cryonics a success.

For those of you who were not selected, I commend you as well for having the bravery to step up to the plate and offer your time. Just because you were not selected does not mean you or anyone else who is not a director cannot still be of great help to the cause. There is always a lot of work to be done at CI. We are always looking for volunteers to work on projects and pitch new ideas. Understand that if you have great ideas you may be selected to put in the time and effort to head up those projects. Cryonics is not just about new ideas but about who will put in the work or money to realize those ideas. It is a labor of love though and many members are very proud of the direction we are heading. That direction came not just from directors but, in many cases, volunteer members who take pride in CI and the cryonics cause.

Congratulations again to all of our Directors, sincere thanks to our nominees and thanks especially to you, our members. Your input matters, and it is your vote that decides the direction CI takes today and into the future.

Cryonics Institute 40th Anniversary & AG Meeting

Friday, 1 July 2016 by System Administrator

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CI celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. This is an opportunity for us to express our thanks for the confidence that you have placed in us all these years and to say “thank you” for making CI the largest worldwide cryonics organization in terms of membership and impact. Not only are we currently the largest in the world, we can also take pride in the fact that we are the only Cryonics Organization with members on all 5 continents!


The Ultimate discovery tool for Nanoparticles

Friday, 1 July 2016 by System Administrator



The ‘ultimate discovery tool’ for nanoparticles

Similar to what gene chips offer biology; could test billions of different nanoparticles at one time

June 24, 2016

A combinatorial library of polyelemental nanoparticles was developed using Dip-Pen Nanolithography, opening up a new field of nanocombinatorics for rapid screening of nanomaterials for a multitude of properties. (credit: Peng-Cheng Chen/James Hedrick)

The discovery power of the gene chip is coming to nanotechnology, as a Northwestern University research team develops a  tool to rapidly test millions — and perhaps even billions — of different nanoparticles at one time to zero in on the best nanoparticle for a specific use.