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Stephan Beauregard

Stephan Beauregard was born at LaSalle (Quebec) Canada. He`s the Official Administrator of the Cryonics Institute Facebook Page. He has also served selflessly to promote the Cryonics Institute's French communications initiative, media awareness, and public education. He succeeded in increasing the number of fans and made the CI FB page more attractive and dynamic with articles and discussions.
Mr Beauregard lives in Canada and the USA but he has also lived in Europe for a few years.
Stephan is bilingual: French & English and he has traveled in 71 countries and territories. He graduated in 1986.
His professional career inludes many prestigious enterprises like The Royal Bank of Canada and ENSAM (France)
Mr Beauregard became CEO at 20 years old when he started his 1st Publicity Society by himself.
In 1998, he started as CEO, in his second business in the Music Collectible items (Worldwide)
In 2003, with his wife, he invented as the co-founder & CEO a different Phone Directory more attractive in (Quebec) Canada.
In 2008, with his wife, he started as CEO a Publicity Compagny at Scottsdale (Arizona) U.S.A.
He first became interested in Cryonics after he read an article talking about Life Extension at Paris in 1993.
Stephan Beauregard was an Alcor Life Extension Member during 8 years and he switched for CI in 2013.
He did many radios & tv interviews about Cryonics since 2005 in Europe & North America. (Videos on Youtube)
Stephan convinced and helped many persons to become CI members.
He has recruited, willing people to help Cryonicists in Bhutan, Canada, France, India, Nepal and in hospitals.
With his wife, he has translated the membership Agreement & related documents in French (In the CI Website). Stephan has set up an agreement (for services of pick up the patient, ice bath, perfusion (CI-VM-1) and local & International transports) with Magnus Poirier Funeral Home in Canada for less than $5000 only. His goal is to duplicate this structure in the other Canadian Provinces & Worldwide (Australia, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands and U.S.A. (Arizona, California, Florida & other States)
Stephan hobbies are: improving his knowledge in health, science technologies; photography, trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving, skating, snowmobile, playing with his cat Sushi; playing music, composing and singing.
Mr Beauregard is a happy and positive man, not complicated, but dedicated and loyal. He likes truth, honesty, friendship and sincere people.
He stays away from toxic people who might judge him without really knowing him by contempt or by jealousy. He loves to have challenges and goals in his life and he likes when projects go forward. His inspirations are some people that he `s proud to have met: like Jeanne Calment, who died at 122 years old, Neil Armstrong, Dalai Lama, Hubert Reeves ...; but also people that he hasn’t gotten the chance to meet like ; Gandhi, Leonardo da Vinci, Gary Yourofsky, Auung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela, Captain Paul Watson, Elvis Presley ... His first real inspiration is: His Love and best friend Magali who is everything for him. The e-mail for contacting Stephan is

Steph profil