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The Cryonics Institute’s 110th Patient

Wednesday, 1 February 2012 by System Administrator

The 110th patient of the Cryonics Institute (CI) is an 82-year-old woman whose primary occupation was chef, including at a restaurant that she started herself. She and her husband divorced after having a daughter, but the couple re-united and lived together for 20 years without remarrying. The ex-husband and daughter tended to the patient during her terminal illness — and assisted with cryopreservation. The ex-husband encouraged the patient to make cryonics arrangements with CI, and the patient agreed.

The Cryonics Institute’s 109th Patient

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 by System Administrator

Cryonics Institute Case Report for Patient Number 109

CI patient #109 was a 72 year old male from Scotland who died from an apparent heart attack.  The patient was a CI member at the time of his death.

The patient died at home on February 28th, 2012 at approximately 2am.  The death of the patient was not discovered until later that morning.  A local funeral director worked with our cooperating funeral director in London to have the patient transported to London.  It was determined that a perfusion would not be effective, and therefore a perfusion was not attempted.  The patient was cooled in dry ice and prepared for transport to the Cryonics Institute facility.

The Cryonics Institute’s 108th Patient

Monday, 19 December 2011 by System Administrator

The Cryonics Institute's 108th patient is a 21-year-old student named Yuliya Vertelets'ka. She was born on April 6th 1990 in Shyshaky, Poltava region, Ukraine. She finished Shyshaky regional gymnasium for gifted children in 2007 with a record of excellence. She spent her senior year studying in Williston High School, Florida, USA winning the Future Leaders Exchange Program. Afterwards she went to study to Prague, Czech Republic, where she received her bachelor's degree in International Business, Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague. She won a scholarship to study a semester of her Master's Degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Spanish, Czech and also studied French. She sings well and has played the piano since she was 6 years old. She has a lot of friends from around the world. Her hobbies are sports, dancing and photography. Her life motto is "Never, never, never give up and you will make a difference".